20 Things Life Is Too Short To Tolerate

Great article well worth thinking about. A little taster:

You don’t have to settle, it’s simply a choice you make every day.  If you feel like you’re running in place there’s a good chance you’re tolerating things you shouldn’t be.  It’s time to reclaim your life.

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Are you aware of what you have been tolerating for too long? If so, what is it, and how do you intend to work on it?

I’d love to hear from you…

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The Crippling Lies You May Be Telling Yourself

I just found a wonderful blog post by Barrie Davenport and thought I’d share it with you.
It is essentially about lying to ourselves, making excuses and blaming the past (and others) for not moving forward with our lives and careers.

Here’s a quote to get you started:

We say things like . . .

  • Everything in my life is bad right now.
  • I can’t do that or my family would fall apart.
  • I’ve tried that before and it never works.
  • I can’t live without him (her).
  • I’m just not disciplined enough.
  • I’m totally overwhelmed.
  • I’ll never get out from under this debt.
  • There’s no way to change my life.
  • I’ll never be able to find a job I love.
  • My childhood (divorce, break-up, job loss) has wounded me forever.

Find the full post at The Crippling Lies You May Be Telling Yourself | Live Bold & Bloom, and have a look at this post about resistance and fear of change.
If you are a singer/musician, you might also find this post from my singing blog interesting.

Do any of these things sound familiar to you?

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Finding your inner artist, day 30: About tackling your personal building-sites

I can’t believe how quickly this month of inspirational quotes and related thoughts has went by. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did.

First of all, here comes the last quote:

You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. ~ Rabindranath Tagore.

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for li...

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for literature. It is the first Nobel prize won by Asia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is obviously a quote about being pro-active. And what better way of bringing this series to end than asking you(rself) what you feel your art is lacking at the moment. Is it related to the creative side of things, or do you think you could do with better business skills? Or maybe a mix of both?

Knowing this alone won’t help, but it is a first step – only awareness can lead to actually making changes.

And because I obviously don’t intend to stop blogging as of today, I would like to add a little poll to this post, because I’m interested in what you would like to read next. I obviously cannot write anything specifically related to an art-form I am not familiar with (I am predominantly a musician), but I can write something about artist coaching – both in the personal and business sense. So here comes:

Please also feel free to add any other options you are interested in. I look forward to your replies, and thanks again for stopping by!

Finding your inner artist, day 29: About initiative

Today’s quote:

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. ~Andy Warhol

English: Andy Warhol

English: Andy Warhol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Andy Warhol’s quote applies to art itself, but also to the business side of things.

Be honest: When did you last feel annoyed that financially, things aren’t going as well as you would like them to go?

And if this is the case: What are you doing to change this?

Many artists I know spend all day creating art, truly incredible art on top of that. And then they wait. And wait. And wait for the buyers to come. Sadly they don’t, and they won’t if you don’t also devote time to your business. Your business is not just creating art – it is also selling it if you want to make a living. The skills needed for this are what some artists are sorely lacking. So if you are not a natural salesperson, there are only two ways:

  1. Become a better one (even if you still don’t love that part of your work).
  2. Have someone else doing it for you.

Most artists I know, especially when they are starting out, feel they are not able to afford option 2 off the bat. However, working through an agent (or manager) is always a possibility. This is a subject on its own, and one with many pitfalls, but it still IS an option.

If you want to go it alone, you HAVE to invest in your business skills. No one will know how amazing your art is if you don’t learn how to sell it. Which will most certainly be something I will discuss on this blog sooner or later, so keep your eyes peeled 😉

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Finding your inner artist, day 26: About not constantly trying too hard

Today’s quote:

Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. ~ Guillaume Apollinaire

Guillaume Apollinaire

Guillaume Apollinaire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Self-help manuals, teaching manuals, all sorts of manuals…

It seems we are all constantly trying to better ourselves, or better our art. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with that.

Sometimes, it’s a good idea however to stop following prescriptions and just do, because there are a lot of things you cannot learn from books and manuals. And with this, I will leave you…

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