Finding your inner artist (again) in 30 quotes

Did you ever have the feeling you lost what used to matter most to you as an artist? That in between all the trying to make a living, and the worries of your daily life, the spark somehow vanished?

I am not trying to convince you that there are any short-term solutions to these problems, because there aren’t, and you might as well find that you need more help with this.
There is no harm in taking some time to contemplate though, to ask ourselves a few questions, to re-evaluate what is actually important to us, because let’s face it: We sometimes don’t even do that anymore.

So throughout March, I will post one inspirational quote every day, and I will maybe add a little story or a few thoughts and questions to each of them. I hope to encourage you to write down a few stories and thoughts of your own to get you back in touch with your “inner artist”. I would love to hear/read those stories, so please comment, or pingback to your blog!

Here is the first quote to get us all started:

A little talent is good to have if you want to be a writer, but the only real requirement is the ability to remember every scar. ~ Stephen King

When did you last allow yourself to remember those scars, instead of trying to forget about them? Do you find it hard to be (and make yourself) vulnerable, and does this affect your art?

© Petra Raspel 2013

3 thoughts on “Finding your inner artist (again) in 30 quotes

    • You’re very welcome, Samantha! “The Artist’s Way” helped me a lot a long time ago. It literally changed my life in more ways than people can imagine, and I am usually not one to follow any type of hype lightly ;). I hope it helps you, too. Have a great weekend!


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